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Pets and how you deal with losing them

This makes two that we have had to have put down and each one had their own personalities. I know some people do not think very much about dogs or cats but I will tell you they do become part of the family. I sort of look at them as someone sent from heaven to watch and make sure we don’t get hurt.

If you ever have put one down you know as I do that the spirit leaves that body and the light goes out of their eyes . I stopped along the highway in Harlan Ky one time and a dog had been hit by a car I went to see if there was anything that could be done and I watched the light go out of his eyes, that was the first time I have seen that . Ours was a dachshund a mini and he was so full of energy . He was a friend anytime you needed one and it hurt to no end but we do get around it and recover . to keep this musical I will say this he enjoyed my playing daileys reel he sure liked that one ,. They sure do leave a big empty spot in life when they go.
Thank you for reading this. :smiley:

I am sorry you had to put your dogs down. I wish we’d never have to do such things. When my wife and I got married we moved into a house near her parents. One of their cats (Sam) decided he’d adopt us and he just showed up. He moved all over with us for a while (KY, TX, FL, then TX again). I work out of the home, so I spent more time with him than any other living thing for about 16 years. He was a special critter. He loved for me to play guitar, especially classical pieces (my dog runs to the other end of the house). Sam passed away a few years back, and I still miss him. Losing a pet is a painful thing, but the pain of separation is greatly out-weighed by the time we had together. Again, sorry for your loss.

Yep I feel your pain. I had to put my black Lab down 3 years ago and I still miss her to this day. She was a faithful companion and a wonderful family dog. Was with me through good times and bad in her 12 years. I cried like a baby the day I buried her. My heart goes out to you.

As with many folk been there done that…have had more than one dog in my life time…when they are gone we miss them…they love unconditionally, no matter how ugly we are, no matter our temperment, they understand, stay with ya when in need, it goes on and on. Now i am teary eyed, but the hurt one has i guess is worth the pain of the loss, my heart goes out to ya, soon maybe another will enjoy your home and friend ship…cry some it helps. jack

I thank all who felt my pain I am no different than any one , universal is that kind of pain it is like losing a family member because that is what they are family. When you break down you feel kind of foolish but understanding that kind of loss we come to our selves and I thank God we have compassion instead of a stone cold heart. You ever notice a dog can tell if you have a heart that is right ? I sure can, they will shun you if a black heart you have . I have yet to be shunned and I thank God for that link . We will save a dog from the pound in a few weeks, it is just to quiet around here .

 The way I play daily's reel would about put any one to sleep . LOL

One correction on the music it was St. Ann’s reel that the pup liked so much, I was sort of in a dizzy type of mood when I wrote the original post, that is becoming the normal for me any more .

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We will save a dog from the pound in a few weeks, it is just to quiet around here

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That’s a good idea. It’s tough to get a new companion after losing a close friend, but in my experience it sure helps with the grief. After my last dog died, I waited about 2 years to get another. I just couldn’t face the prospect of burying another dog, but once we got another one, I couldn’t figure out why I waited so long. They sure do make life better.

A bigger dog : I guess we lucked out and got a full blooded Lab. as gold as he can be and he is one of the smartest dogs I have ever seen or had. he has already melted the wife’s heart and he sure has got a start on mine. We still get sad when talking about the other dog but we try and remember the good things he did for us., I will try and upload a picture of him soon

if this works and it should so here goes[attachment=0]for-web-post.jpg[/attachment]

He is a good looking feller

That’s a great looking dog! Could he be any happier?

Yeah, he looks like he’s smiling!

Mayhaps we should have a post where every one showcases their dog or cat and set pictures up for all to see . It might take up some bandwidth though and maybe we should ask Ben if it is ok to do that , I will check with him and see right away

I would be pretty certain that it would be fine. I say start the thread!