Peter Rowan


My usual Saturday night jam group got cancelled next week because some big country show is using the space. I was bummed until I discovered Peter Rowan is playing the same night a couple of towns over in this converted old church.

A small old church seems like the perfect place for Peter’s voice. I’m excited for this one.


What a venue. Now that’s my kind of sermon!


Not surprisingly, it’s a sold out show. Glad we got our tickets early.


Larry, have fun at the Shake Rag tomorrow, I’m jealous. Be sure to tell us all about it.


Just back from the show and a good time was had by all. Just Peter solo with his guitar. The venue only seated about 200. We were in the 7th row and were toward the back of the room.

It was lots of fun, but very hot. They had AC, but it wasn’t keeping up. Don’t know how much time you all have spent in Florida, but it really is two states. There’s the post-air conditioning section that runs from about 50 miles north of Orlando and south, and there’s the pre-air conditioning part (that really is part of the old south) to the north of that. Fortunately, we were in old, pre-AC Florida where they constructed the buildings with big windows and high ceilings, so they threw open the doors and windows and the second set was much more enjoyable. This picture is from the set break. You can see the sweat on Peter’s shirt.

I was surprised he was playing a dread. Since it was a solo show I figured he would be playing his OM, but when I asked him about it, he said he had the D18 because he had been gigging with his bluegrass band of late. He fingerpicked a little in the first set, but the second set was all flatpicking.


Awesome! I’m glad you had a good time.


Great picture, thanks!


Sounded like fun, thanks for sharing.


Sweet, sounds like you had a great time!


Purdy sweet!

I am envious!



For living in the middle of nowhere, I do feel lucky to get to see so much good music, but it’s nothing like what you guys get in Nashville.