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Paige clik capo solution

I had the chance to hang out with my buddy/former bandmate Brian Paige recently and he wanted me to pass this on.

When using the Clik you need to take offsome tension before pushing the button. He demonstrated 1/2 turn but said it just needs to be enough to relieve the high tension.

Using the button under high tension will round off a small edge which causes it to slip.

I had one that kept slipping. I wonder if that is what happened to it. I ended up returning it and getting an original Paige which I like better anyway.

That could easily be the case Larry.

Brian said they had many returns on the first batches and hit the drawing board again, redesigned it slightly, at much expense, and have come to this point.

hard to find a good, lasting capo I guess…My fairly new G7 got dropped at our last gig and now is inoperable. when it dropped it closed all the way and now the release won’t release so it is stuck in closed position.

Back to my trusty Shubb for now.