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PA system for male vocalist

I am looking for a PA system to sing through. I would appreciate any suggestions. I sing through a guitar amp now and realize it is inadequate. I sing bluegrass and country songs and just want my voice to be louder and perhaps bring out more of the midrange. Thanks

Hi Poet586,
Much of the right answer depends on what size audience/and volume levels you want to address, the amount of stuff you want to carry and what you have to spend. I have a fishman loudbox mini, and for the size and portability, the vocal channel sounds quite good but that’s more for a solo player/singer type of setup. Next step up are the all in one bose systems (and similar products). I heard a small acoustic band running two of those and it sounded really nice. They might have had a small mixer as they had several mics. They aren’t cheap and they won’t do a huge venue justice, but for smaller set ups they sound great and they look very portable. There are quite a few powered PA packages available. I have a friend who has a Yamaha system we have used and it does a nice job, but it’s a bit more to move and setup than something like the bose system. If you are talking about a full on mixer/amps/snake/speakers setup, I haven’t kept up with it over the years.
Anyone out there know what the Purple Hulls run for smaller venues?

Bose L1

For acoustic guitar and vocals, a keyboard amp can serve well.
I used a behringer keyboard amp for many years. It had 4 channels… one at least, dedicated with XLR connector for a microphone.
From my understanding, a keyboard amp has a flat response, meaning all notes up the scale have a pretty much equal volume to accommodate all the sounds a keyboard generates. That feature makes it superior to the guitar amp for vocals.
The guitar amp typically has a bias for guitar.

A new behringer can be had for around $250 to $350…

All the best,