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Oshkosh Anyone?

Anyone here going to Airventure 2013?

Not planning on it, but it should be fun for all who make it. I wanted to hit Sun-N-Fun, but that didn’t work out either. Are you heading to Oshkosh?
On a related note, the AOPA convention is here (Fort Worth). I expect to see a bunch of friends around for that.

Yep, I’ll be there. There’s nothing like it. I volunteer with the Warbirds.

Excellent. If you get some good pics, please post them.

Hello, Pickers! I went to Oshkosh this year (second time for me; first time without an airplane). I camped in Camp Scholler, stayed the whole week. It was great, but the extreme lack of any active-duty military was very disappointing. Jetman was cool, the Terrafuega car/plane was cool, and the ultralights were cool as always. Pictures to come, I’ve got them on my computer here somewhere…