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Open G String Buzz

Hi All

I seem to be getting a buzz on the open 3rd string (G) almost a rattle but I assure you that I’ve gone over the banjo and everything is tight so I can’t see it being pot related

Any advice or pointers


Have you tried fretting the string to see if you can isolate the buzz. Touching the string either side of the nut and work your way up the neck.

If it’s only on the open string, I’d start with the possibility that it’s the nut. Either it’s too low and the string is vibrating up against the 1st fret, or the slot is too wide on the fretboard side of the groove and the string is vibrating inside the slot.

Fret the string between the 2nd and 3rd fret with your right hand. Then press the same string between the nut and the 1st fret. If the string moves, then the slot depth isn’t the problem. If the string is already touching the first fret before the press it with your left hand, the slot is too deep.


Hi @Mark_Rocka @Archie

Just tried fretting as you said Mark and the sting isn’t touching the first fret so I guess the nut is ok

Will have another look tomorrow when I can play it as it’s very late here :grinning:

Thanks Guys


There’s no fret buzz just seems to be the open string :+1:

Is it touching the first fret then? If it is only the G string that does it, it has to be related to something along that string path that is touching.

Hey Joe,

Here’s a great video that Jake put out on string buzz issues. Hope it helps.



Hi Lee, Yes I understand, What I said earlier was to try to help you isolate the problem.

Hi Joe

No… when i followed what Mark said and fret between the 2/3 fret with the right hand and see if the string moves when pressed with the left hand on the 1st then its not the nut and that was the case

i have gone up the neck on all strings and every fret seems to be ok no fret buzz at all that i can see/hear

To me with my limited banjo ear…lol it sounds like its coming from the pot but like i say everything is snug

I have changed string to GHS 135 which are lighter on the 3rd a 12 i think so i was putting it down to that


Hi Lee, Since the buzz is at the pot end. Take off the resonator and check that the nuts on the connecting rods are tight against the wood, sometimes the resonator screws work loose and amplify a vibration.

Hi Archie

yesterday i took off the resonator and nipped up the head bolts and checked that all nuts where snug but will check again to eliminate them

Thanks pal

If it is something loose, then I would think you would hear it with strings other than g.

I would check where the strings go into the Tailpiece. Sometimes reseting or checking the cover on a Tailpiece, Not sure what Tailpiece you have. Also use something to mute all strings except the Open string that buzzez. Sometimes it’s not always the string you pluck that buzzez but another that is resonating. Also, lift out the string from the bridge slot and make sure the slot is clean and not picked up any dust grime or fluff etc. Hope you can find out the culprit. I know how annoying it can be. I had it once when I used a capo on the 5th. Just started out of the blue. Then I discovered it was a railroad spike had lifted just slightly and was causing the 5th string to buzz when I used the capo. :wink: :+1:


Hi Guys

Thanks for all the advice really appreciate all you help and I now think it’s fret buzz on the 2nd fret so might get it looked at and setup :+1:


I had one of my frets raise up on my RK. It was the 15th fret and it was raised only on the end. I could hear the buzz only on the bottom D string. A little super glue and a guitar capo to hold it till it dried is all it took. There are some good youtube videos about how to do it. Good luck.

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Glad you found the fault, there is nothing more annoying than a buzzing string.

Excellent news. Well done for tracking it down. :+1:

Found the problem which is annoying as it’s a new banjo but the 3rd fret is higher on one side

Awesome, well done! That is an easy fix.

Hi Mike

I don’t have a fret file so might have to purchase one