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One of the MANY good things that I learned at Camp!

This Forum!
I did not know that this Forum existed. What a great resource. I plan on taking full advantage of the help that can be found here on the forum.
Camp was…(Actually IS…because there is still one more day to go)…EXCELLENT.
I can not say enough good things about this experience. What wonderful people!
Because life happens, I did not feel prepared when I arrived. Truthfully, I almost didn’t show up because I didn’t want to “Drag the Group Down” because I was not “up to speed”. I am glad that I didn’t make THAT mistake.
The atmosphere is very welcoming and completely non threatening. Banjo Ben and his family make you feel at home.
News Flash…(To me anyway) Ben has sisters! Very talented, patient, beautiful sisters! I truly feel honored to be able to learn from this family.
Jake and Adam were there from the store to help out. As a Banjo student, Adam was very helpful to me. Just like Ben’s sisters, Katy and Penny, Adam was patient and non judgmental.
There were 30 students total. Ten for each instrument. Banjo, Mandolin, and Guitar. The students were very interesting and they were all a pleasure to meet.
It would be remiss for me not to mention the food. It was first rate and there was plenty of it. Tomorrow night is a pig roast!
I truly hope there is a next time, next year. I want to be part of this again. I want to be prepared next time. I want to be one of the students that can be able to help other students.
Ben, Katy, Penny, and Adam make me want to be a better Banjo player!


Sounds great! Welcome to the Forum!

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Sounds like an awesome time! Thanks for the “peek” into your weekend !

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Great report, thanks. It sounds like a terrific experience,

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Thanks for the report from the Camp. As it is the first Camp, you are helping to forge history in a sense with hopefully more successful Camps to follow!


yeah thanks for a little middle report so to speak.
much appriciated. parhaps a full report after the weekend.
fun to hear those who is not of mark´s skill level :slight_smile: . so you maybe can relate to one self.
go on and have fun, ill sure it will be something you never forget.

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Welcome to the forum Robert, I hope you take advantage of it, it’s a wonderful resource.

Thanks for the camp report and sharing your experiences.

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It was awesome to meet you, Bob! I’m glad you decided to follow through with coming to camp. Your presence is part of what made this camp a positive experience for everyone.

Jump in head first on the forum. Offer advice when you have it; ask for it when you don’t.


What a great review, welcome to the forum and I’m muchly jealous :stuck_out_tongue: Must have been Awsome meeting Ben and his family and the other folks. I think I would have probably felt the same as you on a first meeting as Ben and his sisters are so talented. I could quite happily just sit and listen to them play and sing all day! :grinning: I wish we had something as wonderful in the UK. (Ben, Katy, Penny… Come over to the UK) :wink:


Having attended a bunch of camps over the years.,…
This one was extraordinary! I won’t repeat the praise already mentioned (great people, food, etc.) What I suddenly realized at camp was the depth added by the fact that the website pairs so well with what is happening. At the end of the day one can check out things on the site to amplify or double-check on the day’s learning. This duo of camp and site means power teaching. Existence of the site side-by-side with camp makes for an even greater experience. Congrats Ben!


Welcome to the forum Bruce :slight_smile:

Got some new stickers on the mandolin case, learned a ton of great stuff, ate like a king and met some of the nicest folks the world over. Can’t wait until next year!!


Sounds like y’all had a great time and like @jono i’m well jealous i couldn’t be there and even though it would be great for a UK Camp i know it wouldn’t be the experience of attending in the States…


I am so glad you enjoyed the camp. It was my pleasure to cook for you all weekend and I look forward to your return next year!
Damon Coe


Hey Bob! This is my first time getting back on the board since camp. Great to see you here!

That’s some awesome feedback! I feel the same way. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

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I’m looking forward to hearing more about the camp. My buddy Chris got to go, but I haven’t talked to him yet since he got back. I saw a few videos on Bens Facebook, it looked like y’all were having a great time.


@crohnieks and I talked about you! We had a blast!


There are a lot of camp videos on the way that I’m sure will be posted here in the forum. I think we’re all still recovering from the trip (I know I am.) I have 2 or 3 that I’ve yet to upload. @5stringpreacher has a TON of great pictures, too.


I think you can see them on Facebook without a membership

No wonder my ears were burning… @crohnieks is a nice guy and we have fun picking together.

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