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Old rock an roll

[attachment=0]Boney maroney (1).mp3[/attachment]This is a recording of twenty or more years ago justme and a Fender Strat plus . and a four track recorder , sorry no blue grass here LOL

That’s good stuff Ken! The Strat sounds great and the playing is even better!

Got anymore old recordings lying around? Don’t be bashful.


[attachment=0]raining in my heartabc.mp3[/attachment] I used to be able to play but since I started bluegrass it is a whole new deal for me . And thank you for the flowers it is about all I got left at 70 LOL it is fun to do and we used to do Motown stuff like Percy sledge and all kinds of weird things . Never recorded Green Onions but I used to do that one as well .

This an old Thunderbirds song Fabulous Thunderbirds of course LOL