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Old Joe Clark

Here’s a vid of me pickin Old Joe Clark let me know what ya think …thanks all …

Nicely done, Ron! Very smooth. We got to work on your video production, though. :smiley:

Thanks Larry …I know i need something besides my cheap webcam …but being unemployed at the moment tis the best i can do for now lol …thanks again tho …gonna work on the new vid Ben just put up recently for “lost Indian” i think …as a tribute to Doc Watson …any one want to donate some good video/audio recording equipment ? lol JUST KIDDING …thanks again Larry …

I was just bummed that I couldn’t see your left hand most of the time. I could have more fully appreciated you chops if the camera had been backed out a bit. Still, a nice performance. Makes me want to learn it, too.
Good luck with Lost Indian - I’ll be looking for the video.

Sweet! The timing on that song is tough, great job.

Thanks Shawn , the “Lost Indian” will be a challenge for sure …yeah … sorry Larry but with my webcam i have to play around with the distance of the speakers and my guitar so thats why it was just my right hand …thanks again …one day ill have better recording equipment …

Get down!
That’s awesome. Nice job Ron!

Two thumbs up Ron! very well done.

Very nicely done!

Thanks fiddlewood and Drguitar…

Good job. Nice and smooth.

Thank you KGM …started learning “lost indian” today …having a lot of fun learning to flatpick …thanks again Ben for the site and all the fine people and pickers here for support and inspiration …

Here’s mine:
Yours is faster, and I like how you play it with a fiddle ‘pulse’ which I can’t seem to do.

Nice job Julian!

If I might suggest: try watching you left hand a bit more and eliminating all the unnecessary movement that you can. It makes fingering much easier in the long run when you don’t lift the fingers so far from the fretboard.

I thought your dynamics (emphasis on the downbeats) was pretty good through most of it.

Nice pickin’, Julian. I like seeing what you guys are working on. It always humbles me a little bit.

Julian… that was solid. I like how you made it your own with the minor changes in composition. Nice job!

very nice job Julian …sounds great …i worked on it awhile to get it up to speed…now working on Lost Indian …I love this site and all i learn from it …keep up the good work …!!!

Great job Julian! Love how you throw those strums in there, sounds good.

It’s fun to see other people playing these tough TABS. Thanks for posting them. Makes me want to practice more.

Just joined the board and I thought I’d contribute to one of these threads as a way of introducing myself. I’m looking forward to learning a lot from everyone on here. I’ve been playing the banjo and mandolin for about a year and the guitar for much longer than I care to remember. Here’s my “Old Joe Clark” Banjo-Ben style.