Old Joe Clark


I just started working my way through the Old Joe Clark lesson here on the website (which is awesome, BTW). I have a question - in the beginning, Ben demos the song. Is he playing exactly the same music in the tab? I know there’s a lot of backing music getting in the way, but it sounds to my ear slightly different. Maybe it’s just the speed?



Jeff, I thought the the same thing when I was working my way through the guitar solo of “Leaning On The Everlasting Arms”, & I would go back & forth between listening to Ben play it in the video & the tab. Finally, after I was able to play it pretty good up to speed it made sense & it was accurate. I haven’t tried Ol Joe Clark yet though but I haven’t come across any tabs that were incorrect yet. Ben seems to be very meticulous about this. So stick with it & it will probably seem right the better you get on this solo. Hope this helps. Someone that’s already gotten through this song may be able to help you more. God Bless…J.W.


I finally ran the video through Transcribe and slowed it waaay down. One minor confusion is that in the demo he frets measure 3 with the index and middle finger (the lesson uses M and R), and it almost looks like there is a backwards slide on the 2nd string going into measure 4. The finger might not be making contact with the string during the motion though, and I assume the fingering is just how he happened to learn to play it but doesn’t really recommend.

Playing together at 40% speed (best as I can manage at the moment) it certainly sounds very close. Maybe I’m just plucking the non-melody notes too hard, or the backup music is making me imagine extra accents. In particular, one between the 3rd and 4th measures.