Old forum


So what happened to all the threads from the old forum?
I’m a farmer and I haven’t been on for a while this being a busy time. Just noticed the new web page and forum.
Are they lost in cyber space?


Hi General, The old forum didn’t transfer well over to the new one. A few members did take some of the more popular topics and copied/pasted them over to here, which was time consuming so Kudo’s on them for their effort. If there was something really important that you were hoping to retrieve, let us know and maybe someone (hint, hint) can still retrieve it if it’s not too late. Otherwise, we can re-tackle the issue and some of the newest members may have some different input as well. Also, being new this new version, don’t forget to check out the FAQ up at the top right corner.
Glad you made it over to the new forum.


No, nothing in particular. Just wondering. I didn’t get to read all the old threads.
Thanks for the reply Stich.


I’ve looked through the old forum for threads that I should grab to bring over here and it’s kind of overwhelming, there is so much! It really is no big deal to copy and paste threads here so if anyone recalls something that they would like I’d be glad to get it. Just say the word.


Thanks for chiming in Jim. I wasn’t sure if you could still import threads over to here or not and didn’t want to commit you to it .


I am back now and have some time to spend on copying things over also. Had a nice non-media vacation.


Hey Fiddlewood, welcome back to civilization.


thanks Jack, Now I just have to remember to get back to being civilized…hehe