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Oh sussana

Ok…am I totally stupid when it comes to music?

I’ve learned Oh Sussana, and play along with tabledit at about 90%. Think I’m doing ok…considering.

I can’t seem to understand how I would sing to this, ok…not me, but someone else. I know it says on the tabs “solo”, is it not the jist of the total song? What am I missing?

Oh…and I got that banjo off ebay delivered…great tone and play nice.

Also, strings. How often do people change them? Which brand would someone recommend?

Thanks in advance

Oh Susanna is an old traditional song. Do a google search and you will find someone singing the tune and then you will see how the break that Ben made relates to the song itself. I never learned this tune but when Ben plays it, I can clearly hear the original song.

I am sure I am an exception but I play 2 to 5 hours a day and after a year I still have the same strings! Usually, the wound string will wear out and develop breaks in the winding which is a sure sign that it’s time to change your strings. I would change them when the banjo starts sounding not so hot.

Buy strings made by a major brand maker like GHS or D’Addario or Ernie Ball.