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Oh Come Emmanuel fingerstyle

One of the first things I learned here


That was great! This is crazy because this IS the 1st thing I learned here, took me from July 2018 till December 2018 to learn it using tabs & audio playback. (hadn’t even been playing a year &
I printed an advanced level arrangement probably not my brightest move :confounded:) This particular arrangement is what led me do silver pick & eventually, gold pick! I had plans to learn it & pick it with a family member, but that never panned out so I did it on my own, what a coincidence! Again, great job :+1:t2::grin:

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Thanks! Well, I think it’s great to take on things above your skill level cuz you’ll eventually finish and look back and it’ll amaze you how far you’ve come, and all those things that used to be impossible will be easy

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