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October 2020 Cabin Camp?

Woot woot, we gettin’ close, y’all!!! I’m SO excited! It simultaneously feels like forever since I had a camp, and just last week at the same time. Bottomline is I’m READY for y’all and can’t wait to have a weekend to remember! It’s getting a little cool in the air so we’re gonna have lots of fire…and fun. Who’s ready?!


I’m super excited for my first camp, can’t wait to meet everyone!


Very excited about attending my first camp, I’ve heard so many great things, really want to get better with my mandolin skills and learn all I can, looking forward to meeting everyone!


@BanjoBen is Nashville “open” these days? I’m driving and was planning on arriving on Wednesday to check things out if there are things open to visit, see, etc.? I’ve never really spent time in Nashville before.


I don’t know for sure, but considering our mayor is in the midst of a huge scandal because he hid positive data about the virus to keep downtown shut down, there’s a good chance it has opened back up a bit. The best thing to do is contact the individual sites you may want to see and ask what their plan is. Restaurants and bars are open at limited capacity.


That claim that the mayor hid positive data was actually retracted by the station that aired it. I’ve been keeping up with the numbers in Tennessee because of going to the October camp.

After this fact-checking article published on Friday, Nashville Fox 17 retracted its news story during a 9 p.m. newscast. “We don’t have evidence of a cover-up and apologize for the error,” an anchor read during the newscast.


Stoked for first cabin camp. Didn’t decide to do this until the very last minute. Just found the song list for what’s covered. Now to get some practicing in. Lots of it. Haha. Fingers don’t fail me now!!


We’re gonna have so much fun! Don’t worry about prepping too much, I’ll meet you where you’re at and we’ll go from there.


If anyone is staying at or near the Comfort Inn Suites and wants a ride to camp, let me know. I’m driving to camp so I’ll have my pickup with room for a camper and gear.