Oasis Guitar Humidifier


I recently took my D-28 to a luthier to have the action adjusted. He invited me to stay as he made the adjustment and our conversation turned to humidifying guitars in the midst of Minnesota winters where you are doing well to keep household humidity in the high 20’s to low 30’s. He put me on the the Oasis Plus+ Humidifier system. After loading it with distilled water, the moisture membrane collapses as it give out moisture and you can tell at a glance when you need to add more water to it. I am shocked at how quickly this happens. I also have a plastic, closable, bar soap container with 2 fifty-cent size hole in the cover and a kitchen sponge cut to fit. Between these 2 systems the humidity level inside my guitar case is 48 to 52%IMG_0829_800


That’s a good idea to add the sponge. I keep mine in the headstock enclosure. I just put a sponge in a plasic sandwich bag and poke holes in them. I like yours better. Gotta keep the neck humidified as well. I’m in Ohio, so very similar dry air in the house.

Keep an eye on your Oasis, I had one crack and leak from getting too dry and shriveled up. Luckily, I caught it before I put it in the soundhole of my Collings.

I’m going to get a couple of the soap containers. Should be a nice upgrade from my bags!



I guess I should appreciate Houston humidity more. :slight_smile:


I make a bunch of the DIY humidifiers each year for students. https://youtu.be/HTwWMjzyfD0


Im concerned my guitar may be too humid here in GA!!!


Well done video Doc! I’ll have to make some of these and get rid of my ziplock sandwich bags!



It is possible for your instrument to be exposed to too much humidity, however extensive damage for high humidity is far less likely than extreme dryness. You see when wood dries too quickly, the wood shrinks and cracks are likely. Conversely, high humidity can cause swelling of the wood, but cracking is far less likely. Generally, the worst thing that happens in high humidity is that the instrument might begin to sound dead and lose some of it’s ring. And this is only when the humidity goes well above 55% for an extended period of time (think New Orleans in the summer). In addition, most folks use air-conditioning when humidity goes very high which helps protect your instrument from excessive moisture. If you are concerned about the humidity in the area where you store your instruments, purchase a digital hygrometer (humidity meter) and see that the levels stay within 10 points either way of 47% (the ideal level of relative humidity).