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No Feedback loop? No "Contact Us"?

Seriously? I can’t find such a thing.
I’m a SILVER member, joined today. I’m logged in, and trying to establish the level of value on the (new, I guess?) site before paying. It sounds good, but…
Well, in anycase, there’s no place to communicate back that I can find, or leave a question for someone to answer in (hopefully) some defined unit of time for response. Or, heaven forbid, request a refund…

Hello Jeff,

Don’t see it either yet, though I didn’t search for it much.

Rest assured, Ben is a man of integrity, and it will be addressed soon.

I’ve been a gold pick member for about four months, and your in the best place you can be for guitar, mandolin or banjo lessons.



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Hey Jeff,

Just found it. go to:

At the bottom of the page is a “Contact Support” button.

Hope that helps.


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Hi Jeff,

I have been a Life Member with Ben for about four years. I am can honestly say this is by far the best online resource for Banjo, Guitar and Mandolin currently on the World Wide Web. The website is still in development, everything is new here so we are all on a learning curve when it comes to navigating the site. Take a little time to explore, find your feet so to speak. I know from experience Ben will be in touch when he is able… Enjoy your Free Silver Membership. Should you decide to purchase a Gold Pick Membership I am sure you wont regret it.

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I’m honored to have you on board the site and hope you enjoy it. First of all, you’re posting in a category called “previous site forum,” not in the help forum. How do you access help forum? You can see it on the main forum page, or visit the “Help” page at the top of the site, or click here:

That page has a bunch of FAQ questions. If you scroll down, you can see a link to the help forum and at the bottom is a contact button to send me an email. Feel free to write me there with any questions, or post on the help forum here: