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When I first came on the new site I was totally in the dark as to what happened to my warm fuzzy page but soon realized nothing stays the same so after going through the new one I really like it and feel it will draw more people into using the site . I am not one who embraces change but this time is different I have nothing but praise for the new site.
. You have knocked it out of the park Ben you scored a homerun with this


There are so many cool features on this new site! I’m especially fond of the Learning Tracks and having the ability to pick up where I left off on a lesson. Ben also spent a TON of time recording new backing tracks for a lot of the lessons, and several of them even include tracks at different speeds.

This will be, hands down, the best place on the web to learn bluegrass.

I definitely agree that this site is awesome and is the best place to learn how to pick. Do you guys know how the whole video submission thing works and if it’s up and running or not?

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I haven’t used the video sharing forum yet, but I think the idea is to link a YouTube video for others to comment on. I’m looking forward to using that new feature too.

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Will be updating y’all on that soon, thanks! I appreciate y’all.



I found it a bit fiddly trying to figure out how to embed the YouTube video I have there. It wouldn’t display the embedded code (copy and paste) from YouTube as it does on the Banjo Hangout forum, I tried posting the YouTube address but it pulled in the whole page. I am not sure how I ended up getting it working. I think I may have right clicked the video and found the video link in the list but I can remember how I posted it to the site. Forgive me, it’s an age thing .

I’m having trouble with this new site . I’m using iPad mini here in the uk . The site is painfully slow if at all it works . My fibre speed is very good . So it’s not my connection speed . Any help ?

Please give more details and perhaps include screenshots if applicable.

Is there a particular part of the site or certain pages that seem slower than others?

Also, try deleting the website history in the Safari settings for and see if that makes a difference. Keep me posted please. Thanks for your patience!

Thanks for your reply . Clear history but still extremely slow . Just to get onto your we page is taking 30 seconds and each page averaging 39. Seconds
Check list won’t load just constantly buffers and videos are very slow and keeps stopping .
Have a few people I know around uk who are having same issues with the site .

Same on my pc too

Okay, very interesting and thanks for the feedback! I’ll let my tech guys know about it and will keep you posted.

the forum part of the site is the quickest part of the site but still slow .

clicking through your site, seems to be where all the video stuff is . your web store and non video parts seems to load fine . just when i click on to video menu and videos it grinds to a halt

Okay, I appreciate that! My web guy says: “The key site resources are delivered via a CDN, maybe it just needed some folks to start hitting it from different countries to prime their caches in those locations.”

We’ll be looking into it more. Please keep me posted if any change!

I used internet explorer and it was painful slow and kept freezing up I started using google chrome and it works much better

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That’s pretty much my experience with IE no matter what site I’m trying to view. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, Chrome is going to do better than IE. Thanks for your feedback!

Safari on iPad slow slow and also Firefox . Will try chrome app see what happens

Tried chrome no good . The site seems slower than when I first used it two days ago . Doing me nut in ! Lol

Hey @Gazfoot, I just sent you an email, but I’m currently perplexed on the extreme sluggishness. Some have experienced it being slow but it has sped up as their browser caches the site. Please keep me posted. Thank you!