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New videos not playing

hi there, i dont believe anything has changed on my end, but for some reason i cannot play any of the new videos, specifically the new banjo video, but it is actually more than that. I know it is using flash player and vimeo, but has something changed, or is it just me? is there something else i need, did microsoft put a patch out that broke something, ect…?

vexed in virginia…


I have an old school computer (XP), but I just tried the latest banjo vid (playing in D) and it worked for me. I have flash 11.6.602,171… If no one comes up with a better suggestion, perhaps clearing the cache might be worth a shot, but I doubt that’s the problem.

Hey Mike, wondering whats’ going on with the site? has not been any new guitar stuff for a long time and I’ve sent in mail that was never answered…have you talked with Ben as of late? seems like activity is nill as of late? Have you noticed?

Hey Jerry,
The last series for guitar came out 11 days ago (reading tabs). He did the Banjo series on D this week (4 days ago). Ben does one video series a week and rotates around between instruments. So far as I know, he has kept that schedule except for I think he gave himself a one week break at Christmas. I am not sure if he is strict about rotation of instruments. My guess is that mando will be later this week (in a few days), then guitar next week (about 10 days). Sorry to hear about the mail not getting answered. I read somewhere he was going to Cuba a few weeks back, so if it was in that time frame, that could be the explanation. He has always read and responded to all email in the past, and I suspect he might just be backed up from the travelling (or maybe even still gone, I am not sure how long he was gonna be there).

still no go on the videos, it is wierd. When i right click on an older one that plays there is HD on/off option, on the newer ones there is not. That is the only difference i can find if that is any help.

Sorry it’s not working. I’ll ping Andy and refer to this thread.

I sent it to Andy. Hopefully he will be able to help. The older videos (from maybe a year and a half ago) are actually youtube and the new ones are vimeo. I remember one time in the past someone needed to update their flash to make the vimeo ones work. You might give that a shot. Another thing to try is a different browser. I like google Chrome.
Here’s a link to Chrome:

If those suggestions doesn’t work, could you post what operating system and browser you are using?

I appreciate your help a lot.

I have tried the alternate browsers, I have the newest flash, I have checked firewalls and/or MS patches…it just seems that the new videos, ones posted this the last month or two are not playing. I didnt have an issue with the vimeo’s late last year.

i am running Windows 7 , IE 9, Chrome, i have not tried firefox yet, i may do that and let you know.

Thanks again

No dice on firefox either, i uninstalled and reinstalled adobe flash too. Don’t know what it could be…?

Thanks for the additional information. So you can run the vimeos from last year, but not the new ones. That is really bizarre. To make sure nothing had changed here, I went and retried the “playing in D” banjo vid (link below) and it worked for me on Chrome. Hopefully Andy will have some insight.

Just to see what would happen, I tried my old IE8 to which I haven’t installed any patches or plugins for years, and the video just showed as a blank area (it didn’t work). I am not sure what that proved, but figured I’d pass it along.

Well, it works on my MAC but not my PC…I am not sure what changed but something did, at this point i am sure it is my problem, thanks for the help!

I did not read through the responses but will say that I had a problem similar to this before. I’d suggest two things:

Update your Flash Player (usually Adobe)
Update your version of “Silverlight”

That should solve most of your problems in playing videos, especially embedded videos.

I too cant play the new lessons,let me know if u find the problem.Thanks

HELP!!! Updated flash player,updated silverlight no luck,cant even watch the older ones.Ben is there a problem with the site,I see others as well r having the same problem.Thanks hope to hear from u soon

Hey Budman,
I know that doesn’t help you, but the vids are working for me. I sent a message to Andy, and I suspect he’ll get it resolved quickly.

Howdy Y’all,

It’s me Andy, helping the Banjo Boy out! We do apologize for the videos acting up. A quick suggestion is to refresh the page you’re on and try again or try a different browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox (that’s what we use). Internet Explorer is probably the least compatible with the site, especially the newest one.

Also, sometimes the domain we use to upload the videos does maintenance on their end which affects us, and they never tell us about it! So just keep trying. Ben and I are meeting about the issues we’ve seen lately so hopefully we will find a cure to this!

Thanks for Pickin’ us!


Also, since we have launched the new site we have had issues like this that seem unexplainable. Well the mystery is found in the browser you may use. The cookies and caches browsers store up can seem to affect the site when new content is put out so frequently. An easy thing to do is Google how to delete or refresh your cookies/caches for the browser you primarily use. If the browser gives you an option of which cookies/caches you want to delete just delete the ones from our site.

It’s smart to do this here and there anyway, but if the videos aren’t working and you’ve tried every possible thing then usually this is the ticket. Hopefully I don’t eat my words and the fix be a completely different thing!

Appreciate y’all! Email any more questions at


Thanks to all trying to help with the video problem,I know you guys are on it.Am eager to get this thin resolved so I can get back to it.

That is weird it’s still not working for you budman. I wonder what it is that makes some systems have problems while others don’t.
For what its worth, I am using Chrome for a browser, and I have never had a problem with it. If you haven’t already tried it, it might be worth a shot. I am sure Ben and Andy will keep at it until they get you going again. Keep us posted.

I am a new member and I too am having problems. I am using internet explorer and have windows 10. Some videos work fine and then others do not load at all. I started on beginning banjo and am on the tablature portion and the mixing it up lesson is the present one that doesn’t load. So far I have had about 3 or four lessons that have done this. The only thing that seems to work is closing the site completely and then reopening.