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New to the site!

Hi All!

My name is Allen. I just purchased my Life Membership and figured I’d introduce myself! Im currently living in Maryland (Although most of my family is in Virginia). Ive been interested in bluegrass since I was a kid. I tooled around on a guitar for a few years but never really learned much. Just over a year ago I purchased my first banjo and I took off flying! I just recently purchased a Dobro and plan to start practicing with that over the next few months as well!

Ive been browsing the forum and the lessons and im very happy to join the community!

Welcome Allen! I think there would be some good transference of right hand technique between banjo and dobro (but I’m just guessing, I don’t play either). Have fun and welcome to the forum.

I have found your statement to be correct! So far the transition to the dobro has been very smooth as I have been using a lot of the same rolls with my right hand! I just have to get myself used to that extra string! Thanks for the response!

Good to have younger folks on the forum. Welcome aboard, Allen!

Welcome and have fun that is what music is for .