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New (to me) Toy

So I scored this sweet lil banjer on Craigslist last week… its Gold Tone CC-100 practically brand new. I got the banjo, an awesome gig bag, stand and $30 book for less than 1/4 of the cost of the banjo alone new. Im not sure if i should feel bad or not because I got such an awesome deal lol…

The previous owner had purchased it new, took some lessons and gave up. He told me it just sat in the corner for 5 years, which i believe because I spent 30 minutes cleaning all the dust off of it and it was terribly out of tune.

It is much easier to play than my Aria that I’ve been learning on (which didn’t seem difficult to play until I played this one)… i think this solidifies the point that one should hold and play a whole bunch of banjo’s before spending $$.

Just thought I’d share my new toy with you guys…

Sweet. Congratulations.

Never feel bad about getting an instrument back to being played, it’s what they were made for, not wall/corner/closet decorations or dust collectors.
Glad you found a good deal on a better instrument. :smiley:

Thanks guys!

I was really enjoying my other banjo but still on the lookout for deals and I found one… Im finding this one is even harder to put down :slight_smile: