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New (to me) Christmas song

My pastor asked us to work up the following as a recurring theme song for the weeks leading to Christmas. I hadn’t heard it before. Too bad I can’t sing like Freddie Mercury :astonished: We will probably do it down a step (maybe two whole steps) to get it where it’s comfy for most to sing. I really like the song, I thought someone else might like it as well.

The song is called “How Many Kings”:

You’re not kidding with the Freddie Mercury. Wow, it is like Freddie’s younger dentist visiting nephew. The good news is they already capo it up, so start in G, and talk the pastor into something with only two octaves…yikes.

I didn’t realize it earlier when I posted, but this guy is now the front man for an “official” Queen tribute band put together by Brian May and Roger Taylor. I guess we weren’t the only ones who noticed he sounds like Freddie.

Very nice! And yes an uncanny resemblance to Freddie Mercury.