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New Tail Piece

HELP! I live overseas in East Asia and I just had an interesting thing happen. I brought a fairly cheap banjo overseas (Iida) and my tail piece just broke. I have never heard of this before.

I am stumped as to how to replace it. There are many different kinds of tailpieces on the market.

Anyone have any suggestions as to which would be best on this $500 banjo?

  1. If you bought the banjo from a dealer they should have access to a replacement for your tailpiece.

  2. look on the internet for the banjo manufacturer and try them.

3)I prefer these and have them on all three of my banjos.

Thanks for the input. I bought this banjo at a pawn shop back in 1983. I have carried it all over the world doing mission work. Originally, I thought it would be ok if I lost it in transit somewhere or it got broke. However, after 30 years, I have grown attached to it.

I am looking at Stewmac, Janet Davis, and Elderly. From what I am seeing, the Kershner looks like the best bet.
However, I am waiting for more input and advice.