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New on the job

A private just out of training is assigned to guard the main gate.

He is ordered to allow no one through unless they have the password.

A vehicle with a 3-star general inside rolls up. The private stops the vehicle and asks the driver for the password.

The driver doesn’t know the password. The private, after saluting the general, asks him for the password. The general doesn’t know it either.

The private says, “I can’t let you through without the password.”

The general replies, “Son I’m the commander of this base and a 3-star general!”

The private says, “Sir, I still can’t let you pass.

The general tells the driver to drive on through.

The private then says to the general, “Sir I’m real new to this. Do I shoot you or the driver?”

:laughing: :laughing: Good one Ken!


I heard about a commanding officer demanding to enter…
The Private asks for the secret code.
The Commander says, 'Let me in or you will stand at attention 24/7 for the next 3 weeks.
‘Close enough!’ Says the private.


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