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New Morgan Monroe

I just purchased a Morgan Monroe F style and am having a hard time putting it down. The sound is so amazing and can’t wait to be able to do it justice. I am wondering how to remove the tail piece to change strings? Anyone have instruction for me?



You don’t remove the tailpiece, just the cover. the top part is just a cover that should slide off in the direction away from the headstock. Once that is off you should be able to see the hooks that the loop ends of your strings hook onto.

Which model did you get? I have an MMS-8F. On most MM mandos, the tailpiece is a cast, solid piece that doesn’t have the type of cover Fiddleman mentioned. Does yours look like the one in the pic? If so, the loop at the end of the string simply slides off the pegs once the string is loosened. Putting new strings on is the reverse - poke the end of the string through the respective hole in the top of the tailpiece, pull through and position the loop on the peg, position over the bridge and take it up to the tuner peg to tighten. Be sure to change only one string at a time… bad, nasty things will happen if you remove all of them. :slight_smile:

I love my MM and am always trying to find more time to play it. Hope you enjoy yours!


Interesting design. The tailpiece cover on my Kentucky mando is such a nuisance I don’t use it anyway.

yep, completely different than what I’ve seen before.

I wouldn’t care for having to cut the strings every time I change them to get them out of that tailpiece though.

I just picked up my Morgan Monroe and I am not sure what model it is. Can someone identify it, not to highjack your thread mate. :stuck_out_tongue: