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New guy!

Hey everybody!
I’m new to this site, and not long into playing bluegrass. My weapon of choice is the guitar, but in about 6 months or so, I am looking to try my hand at banjo. While being a novice at bluegrass, I am at an intermediate level with guitar and can 4 finger pick on it. My question is, being on a limited budget, what would be the best banjo for a beginner that will not cause my wife to make me sleep in the garage? Any suggestions?


Deering makes some good banjos and a lot of players use them. Epiphone makes some nice cheap ones also . Someone will post soon I am sure so just wait for awhile.

Hey Ken,
Thanks for the post! I’ve been looking on the internet, and even talked to one of the guitar geeks at my favorite music store. I did see the Deering line of Banjos, and Glen, at the music center said that he had an Epiphone banjo coming in that I could check out. I have time. I want to be wise in my purchase. I’m on a limited budget so I don’t want to fork out the money for a Taylor or Gibson Banjo. I’m looking for good quality and a reasonable price. Somewhere between $300 to $500. I know they have to be out there!

Thanks again!

P.S. I need to thank you also, by reading your post I saw that I mis-spelled New guy! Yes, I suffer from FFS. Fat Finger Syndrone!

Hey Mark!
Yes sir, the first banjo the salesman pointed me to was a Gibson Mastertone that goes for around $2000. He should know me by now! I’ve bought five guitars from them, and none of them, with perhaps the exception of my Gretsch semi-hollow body is considered a big name brand. I have found that there are plenty of lesser known guitars that sound great. My Seagull Guitars are excellent examples. I would have to assume that the same is true concerning banjos.

I have time. I am in no hurry. I won’t be able to afford a Banjo until around the beginning of April. I’ll be checking out the internet and asking questions of those that play the banjo at the bi-weekly jam I attend. I think the looking for a good banjo will be half the fun of playing one! Thanks for the input!

Thanks Mark!
Yeah, I figured it out about the seeing and Deering. I simply put in the goodtimes II and it brought up the Deering name. I do appreciate the advice! And I will follow it and see about playing some brand named rigs. It’s like buying a truck, many look good, but when you drive them you really find out which ones cut the mustard!

See ya around!