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New Guitar

My new guitar was delivered today. An Eastman 20E D. This is the first dreadnaught I have ever owned. Heck, it’s the first one I’ve ever strummed. Boy, what a surprise when I hit that low E for the first time. I started my guitar learning journey a couple of years ago with a Martin 000-18 auditorium. When I went to Guitar Center, I told the salesman I wanted a good one to learn on and I had the money to spend. I wish he had recommended a dreadnaught. I just can’t believe how much better this thing rings out when compared to my Martin. And I could have saved about $1500. Oh well, I have two nice guitars now…lol.
However, I am going to have to have an adjustment made on this Eastman. It came setup with way to much action. Going to have it taken in tomorrow to get that action lowered where I can fret it…lol.

Well, just wanted to tell someone about my new Eastman.

And if you don’t own a dreadnaught, well, get one!


Congrats!! Post a video sometime?


Happy and joyous for you @Lefty70!

May you enjoy it for years to come!


Awesome! You’re gonna love playing that thing. High action is common from the factory. They’d rather it be too high than too low. A lot of bluegrass pickers play so hard they need a high action to keep the strings from buzzing.

Congrats, and post some video when you get time!


Always cool together a new guitar!


New guitar day! Congratulations!


You’ll find application for both, @Lefty70!


Ya I had mine now for a tad over a week and I can not seem to be able to put it down.
Justin knew what he was talking about when he sold me that E10-D TC
the aged top is so different it puts my 13 year old Martin to shame.
I had them leave the action as every guitar has it’s own voice and feel, so I took it down maybe 1-1.5mm at the bridge and WOW!!! it plays like butter and still takes my hard hitting strumming.
I like it so much thinking about selling my Martin and getting the E20

there is one big problem with my new Eastman… it’s so darn pretty I hate to take it out I always feel like I’m picking up someone else new guitar and I’m afraid to put a mark on it LOL

Bottom line is now anyone tells e there looking for a new guitar or heck any kind of stringed instrument I tell them about my family at Banjo Ben and how they’ll make you part of the big happy picking family too!!!

Thanks Justin, Jake and Ben