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New Favorite Guitar

Well, it’s actually a tie. :wink: I finished the neck reset and set-up on my 2010 Taylor 814CE-LTD Sat. afternoon. This guitar has a 24-7/8" scale and a 12fret slotted headstock. The sound is amazing. With Taylor’s CV bracing and the 12 fret neck, the sound is really close to my 2004 710-L9 short scale Brazilian/Adirondack dreadnaught.The action ended up about .085" @ 12 E. I was suprised at the low growl from this grand auditorium. Played it plugged up Sat. night and the upright bass player told me twice that I was walking on her line. We practiced some Sun. afternoon and it hung in there w/Scott’s HD-28, and is much easier to play. Blew me away.
So, I now have 5, 25.5" scale Taylors for sale or trade. I’m looking for a short scale mahogany.
If anyone’s interested, hit me up and I’ll get a list w/pics and prices to you.

I bet that’s a good looking/playing /sounding guitar Steve! I’m really digging the slotheads here lately.

Did it need a reset already, or are you just setting it up more to your liking?

Post up some pics if ya get a chance.

I reset the neck for both reasons really. I like my action a little lower than the factory set-up.
I play rather aggressively, yet with decent technique. I like a fair amount of saddle exposed. I’ve found that more saddle(to a point) results in better sound.
I have had 5 late model Taylors thru the shop, and they all were out of factory specs on action at 12.I reset them all.
I’m not completely sold on the NT neck. IMHO, the only advantage is ease of reset.
I have 2 pre NT that sound as good as any without all the bracing changes that have been happening since the NT conversion.
Kinda makes me wonder??? The NT and generous factory tolerances probably save Bob thousands of $$ yearly.
I’d love to have a GA body mahogany w/the old neck,Adi top and short scale CV bracing.
That, I think, would be a benchmark instrument.

Got a few min. while waiting on the equip. trailer, so here’s some pics of the Taylor 814 CE LTD. 2010 fall limited, slotted headstock, short scale. Simply, a wonderful playing and sounding guitar.

This is my BG guitar all acoustic. 2004 Taylor 710 L9. Adirondack over Brazillian. It’ll hang w/ any guitar I’ve ever been around.


Love the back woods on the 710 (I am guessing it’s the Brazillian 710)! It’s like a pair of spooky eyes looking at me.