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New Banjo

I was going to a jam so I had my old Mastertone in the back seat.

Stopped at the store for a few minutes…and when I came out, I was horrified to see my back window was busted out!

I feared for the worst and sure enough, someone had put another banjo in there!

Now I got two of the darn things… :cry:

Yeah it’s an old one, but all banjer jokes are!


Very nice.

A man was carrying a banjo case across an international border.

The guard stopped him and looked in the case.

Inside was dynamite, grenades, and guns. The guard looked relieved and said “Whew! I thought you might have a banjo in there!”

I hate being a Banjo Bully!,…but here’s another good one…

What’s the difference between a Banjo and an onion?

No one cries if you cut up a Banjo!

I too hate being a banjo bully, but this one seemed somehow ok.

A bluegrass band is on their way back from a gig South of the border when they get arrested for playing a banjo after dark. The judge quickly sentences them to death. At dawn the next morning the band finds themselves looking at the business end of a firing squad.
“Ready, Aim,…”
“Earthquake!” yells the guitar player which distracts the guards long enough so he can jump over the wall to freedom.

“Ready, Aim,…”
“Flood!” yells the mandolin player who jumps over the wall to freedom.

Now the banjo player is starting to catch on.
“Ready, Aim,…”
“Fire!” yells the banjo player as loud as he can…

We really should be careful about upsetting people. I used to play bass quite a bit and was the recipient and giver of many bass player jokes. One night as some friends and I were going through the bass player jokes, a nearby bass player heard us and took offence. He went over to his case and pulled out a large, shiny razor and then turned to come after us.

We slipped out while he was trying to find a place to plug it in.

Ha, ha. You had me going on that last one.

That’s a good one, Mike!
To be fair here is a singer joke, my wife hates it!

How many female vocalists does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Just one. She holds the lightbulb and the world revolves around her.

:laughing: That’s awesome Jim.

A bluegrass band is having a good night on the stage and the crowd seems to adore them. The guitar player thinks to himself, “Gee, if i keep these quick licks going, this may be my best night of playing ever!”. The banjo player thinks, “Gee, we are sounding as good as Kentucky Thunder tonight!”. The fiddle player thinks, “Gee, that might be the best solo I ever played!”. The bass player thinks, “Gee…Dee…Gee…Dee…” :wink:

As far as the female singer joke goes, my wife not only agrees that it is true, but will add that she would not have it any other way!

That’s a great one!
Being a drummer, I have to add to it:
And the drummer is thinking “Gee, I think that girl is looking at me!”

The bass player is actually thinking: Gee I wish the guitar and banjo could play more than two chords :unamused: … sigh…