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New Bands

You know, it’s been nice over the past few years to see new (and younger) blood come into bluegrass and I am always looking at the new comers to hear what they have to say. Bands like Old Crowe Medicine show, Trampled By Turtles, Steel Drivers, etc have brought us some new songs to pass around in our bluegrass circle jerks…oops, maybe your is a jam!

These guys (Town Mountain) are making some in roads and I have to say that I really like their “sound”. Lead singer has what I consider to be a great in your face bluegrass voice and the mandolin player can sing some nice harmonies.

Figured I’d share and likewise if you guys have some “newer” stuff out there that you are listening to then post up a video so we can all check them out and maybe add it to our repertoire!

On the 1st video there are two songs there. I like “Green Bud on the Flower” that starts around 3:28.


My wife gets a kick out of this song:


Good stuff Oldhat! I like Town Mtn.

I’m always hounding youtube looking for something new. Looking at some of the 2013 galax vids, these jumped out at me. Really like that sound that makes you want to try to chop your guitar in half with a pick! :smiley:




Just to add something totally useless to the conversation… the bass player in the first Town Mountain video looks like Samwise Gamgee from Lord of the Rings.

“Green bud on the flower” is good.

I’ve been hoping Town Mountain would play in my area, and I see they are booked for Suwannee Springfest next March. Good deal!

i’m loving “Volume 5” lately. Two Albums out but new to me…WhooooHoooo

Hey fiddlewood I saw them a year or two ago at a festival here in Arkansas and they were great. Liked them so much I bought both of their CD’s and have worn them out. Gonna see them again in November when they come back this way. From what I understand they’ve got a different guitar player/co-lead singer. Kind of disappointing but I’m sure they’ll still be good.

Volume 5 is new to me, but I checked 'em out on Youtube and they sound pretty good. I see they are in Folkston, GA next spring. Maybe I’ll get to see them then.

I highly recommend their second CD, Children Of The Mountain.

Little bit of a curve ball here. Not sure if this is considered Bluegrass or not. Came across these guys the other day, great pickers.


I’m not sure what you call it, but those guys sound good together. Flatpicking Guitar magazine did a feature on Eli West a few months ago. He’s an interesting musician. In addition to guitar, he likes playing an octave mandolin strung with just four strings.

They do sound pretty good. Are they singing harmonies here?

I saw Eli playing the octave mandolin while checking out some of their other tunes. Cahalen also plays a pretty mean clawhammer banjo. Definately interesting, I like it.

Yeah, and fine harmony to me. I like those guys. Good clip Shawn.

Yep I like it!

Kind of a mix between grass and what Thile tried to accomplish with “Punch Brothers”…only difference is I could listen to this where The Punch Brothers and their quintet went a little over my head.

Nice find Shawn!