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New allbum by the Purple Hulls

I just reviewed the album and can attest to the fact it is worth buying . It is not that expensive to have the listening enjoyment. check it out ,

Yep, the sisters are pretty incredible. Their version of “Old Joe Clark” is fantastic. As simple as it is, I think my favorite song on the new one is “River of Jordan.”

Check it out where? It’s not on their website, can’t find it anywhere. I must have it!

This thread is probably a bit ahead of its time. The album isn’t released yet. They did send out a link to a download version for backers of their kickstarter project. It should be released pretty soon.

I guess this is their second album and I do like the “River of Jordan” the best / they really do a fine job musically and . I enjoy the entire album and can’t wait for them to do another one . The close to Home album is the one I like the best though. I am an old guy and prefer the slower stuff . it is all good. Hope they sell a million albums. Those two sisters blend so well . the singing is class A !

Was Ben a part of it?

I don’t know if Ben was part of it. The download version didn’t come with liner notes. So far the only person beside the sisters I know who was involved is Andy Leftwich.

As luck would have it, my CD arrived today. Looking at the liner notes, Ben is only involved in one song where he play dobro. Katy and Penny cover banjo, mando and guitar. Andy Leftwich on fiddle. Byron House on bass. And Jeff Hyde plays guitar on one song and sings harmony on another.

Hmmm… I thought Ben was part of the group. No matter, I’m sure the CD’s good anyway. If I’m not mistaken I saw Andy Leftwich at a Ricky Skaggs concert last year. Great fiddle player.

Ben was part of the group (on the previous couple albums anyway). I think they may have been geographically separated as the Hulls seem to be in Texas quite a bit the last couple years.