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Need Ideas For Some Wedding Fun

Background: My brother and I are pranksters.

My brother just called me. He’s getting married in October and at the reception he says he wants me to learn a banjo song to play and we’re gonna pop on stage and he’s going to sing along to it for his bride. It needs to be funny, weird, off the wall…something to that degree, but some kind of a song where he can sing it to his bride and it fits the occasion.

Any ideas for songs?

Okay, so he says it doesn’t have to be a lovey type of song (though that would be cool), but any crazy, nasaly sounding bluegrass song will work

When I think weeding and banjo, I might be odd, but I think of the following:

If interested I think I have music and can transcribe it for banjer.

This doesn’t help much, but how lucky is this guy to have a banjo pickin’ bride?


The Boxcars have a nice song for that occasion…


I wasn’t allowed to play it though as it wasn’t the brides first time :laughing:
Luckily, as I’m quite sure I wouldn’t have made that banjo part :sunglasses:

— Begin quote from "ldpayton"

This doesn’t help much, but how lucky is this guy to have a banjo pickin’ bride?

— End quote

How does she fret with nails like that?

Welp, my bro had decided to dust off his old guitar and we’re gonna start out with a little Duelin’ Banjos, then go into a good ol’ bluegrass song that we’re not sure about yet, then turn it serious and he’s going to sing January Wedding ( to his bride.


“Low & Lonely” might not be the most auspicious sentiment with which to start a marriage. :smiley:

Here’s the perfect banjo and guitar song for a wedding (especially if the bride’s name happens to be Pearl). You could always change the names too if her name isn’t Pearl and yours isn’t Earl and your brother’s isn’t Lester.




Ha! I imagine it might get a little weird if my brother and I began a lyrical feud over his bride.

That’s a hilarious clip. I miss the Beverly Hillbillies… I loved that show as a kid.

Have you seen any of the Cleverly video’s?

I dig the Cleverlys. Someone else got me started on them, then I went on a youTube surf for several hours. They are great entertainers.