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Mystery vanishing Elderly string sale post

There was a thread and post that Elderly’s had their SP strings on sale half price through the end of the month. I wrote a post to the thread and by the time I wrote it, the thread didn’t exist… here’s my post:

Thanks for the head’s up, JW. I also got an email from Martin that they have buy one get one through the end of September. I suspect you can’t combine the two… that would be crazy good. I looked at the Elderly email, and while it doesn’t say that they can’t be combined, I simply can’t imagine that they could.

Too bad the lifespans aren’t included this year. Last year, I bought GC out of Lifespans when they were buy one get one. I did have to take the email for the deal. If anyone needs a copy let me know and I can forward the one I received. I have been using coated strings for a few years, but the Elderly or Martin deal might be enough to get me to try some different sets. I’ve tried the SP PBs (and like them), but I don’t think I’ve tried the Medium Lights or the Bluegrass. I might give them a shot on a couple guitars.

Sorry about that Mike & anyone else who saw the post. I posted that after recieving the e-mail from Elderly, then after I posted it, I went to Elderly’s site & looked up their SP strings & they’re already sold out of nearly all gauges. So I deleted my post to keep from misleading anyone. I did notice however the prices were still good at $2.60 a set for 92/8 phosphor bronze & $2.37 a set for 80/20 bronze. You may be able to order them at those prices & I also noticed you have to buy a minimum of two sets which at that price is no big deal.

Again, I apologize & hope no one was mislead.

The medium/lights are great. I don’t know of any other strings at .0125 to .55, but I still like the Daddario EJ 17’s the best.


No worries :slight_smile:

I thought I had lost my mind for a minute. When I hit submit, it reported something like “Unable to submit, the topic does not exist.” I started wondering if I had sniffed too much lacquer thinner.

I appreciate you bringing the sale to our attention. Perhaps they will restock. If not, head to your local GC with a copy of the Martin email and grab a few sets. I have attached a jpg of the email.