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My take of Wagon Wheel

Well, here is me, 8 weeks post op for total shoulder replacement. Styrofoam holding my arm out, 3 pillows holding it up. Learnt this by ear, last week, think I added some stuff? 1st take, mistakes, couple of curses where I messed up, sorry.

Not as good looking as bearded, with my beard, but I try.

Any advice appreciated.

Sorry if I get it wrong but think it was Marshal that inspired me to learn this. TY…I had a blast! Don’t you just love the banjo?

It sounds good to me. You’re nice and relaxed and the timing was good.

I like it.

So if I get shoulder surgery will I be able to play banjo?

Only if you get a Hello Kitty banjo!

You look like you were having a lot of fun making that clip. Or was it just leftover pain pills from the surgery? :laughing: Either way that sounded real good and best of luck with the shoulder healing!

well done. sounded good to me. I think the outburst added alittle favor to it…(I have those often). Hope the shoulder get better… keep on pickin… :smiley:

Great Job!!!