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My progress on Church Street Blues

I just wanted to upload a video of my progress I’m making with Church Street Blues with the help of Banjo Ben. It’s not always exact compared to the tabs or the actual song itself, but I took what I needed from it in order to interpret it in my way someday and add my own things to the songs. This is my second day spent on the song and I’m quite happy with my progress so far. Please let me know what ya’ll think!


That’s awesome. A great song and well done. Bonus points for the clock!

Very nice! Especially for only 2 days practice. I’ve been trying to smooth this song out for about a year now, and I still can’t quite get it to where I want it.

Thanks guys! Even just about 5 hours later it has improved a lot I feel. I want to record a full band (meaning by myself at home :frowning: ) version. Thaty’s why I’m really pushing myself to get it done. I’m trying to record a mini to full length album to give to my dad for Christmas, as it was him who usually played country music in the house (stuff like Kenny Rogers, Charlie Pride,Willie Nelson and Dolly - Basically whatever was available at the time in South Africa) When I finally get it down and work out a nice banjo part, I’ll pop it on the forum.

Haha! Mike, with you as the Official Banjo Ben Hello Kitty Ambassador, I thought you’d definitely notice the clock!