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My new Baby

Howdy all,

Well, I finally sunk coin in a new Huber.

Back in Nov-Dec of 2015 I contacted Huber banjos to inquire about a few things I was mulling over in my mind. After a few email volleys back and forth it struck me… the person directly answering my emails was Steve Huber. That alone really surprised me as I figured he would have someone doing his email for him, but it also impressed me for him to be so directly involved in the process. I was unsure exactly how much $ the banjo I was looking for would cost but I really wanted a Truetone model badly.

I had certain features in mind:

  1. Nickel plating… specifically, an antique nickel is what I prefer.
  2. No engraving as I prefer an understated, less ‘blingy’ look.
  3. Maple with a satin finish.
  4. Early styled inlays that are not too ‘bulky’ or big, but more than the dots my current model has.
  5. Radiused fingerboard.
  6. Pre-war neck width to allow for a little cleaner string play.
  7. Truetone package if feasible.

A nickel plated, maple VRB-75-41 was as close as I could get but it was more coin than I could invest and remain a happily married man. (Not entirely true as my wife would have loved for me to have invested in this but I couldn’t do it with clear conscience.) Then I realized the Workhorse has the same inlay as the VRB-75-41 so I asked Steve if I could upgrade a new one to Truetone and at what cost. And there it was… within my reach!

So, on Friday evening the UPS guy delivered my new Maple ‘Truetone’ model Workhorse to my front door.

Honestly, it is the most beautiful instrument I have ever owned. I cannot praise Steve Huber enough for his workmanship and the tone is well worth the upgrade. My wife came to my office when I opened the box and helped me get the plastic wrapped case out from all of the shipping worms. (Even the case is better than I have owned before.) My wife absolutely loves the look & sound as well and I am very satisfied with the entire process. She said I nearly hyper-ventilated while opening the box. The curly maple on this rig is truly stunning and, although I wanted the antique nickel I am not at all displeased with the bright nickel finish. (In fact, it is really growing on me.) Steve graciously worked with me through the entire process to ensure I was getting exactly what I wanted, and if someone told me to pick out whatever I wanted in a new banjo on their coin, I would go the same route all over again… no hesitation.

It may not be the fanciest rig out there by comparison, but the quality, play-ability & tone are all Huber. I have no reservations, whatsoever, in recommending anyone to purchase a Huber directly from Steve.

As soon as I put the thing down long enough to post some quality pics, I will post. Meanwhile… I’m going back to playin’.

Congratulations! It sounds like it will be a great instrument for you. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

It is good to have input as to what you want in the banjo it makes it part of who you are. Congratulations and may you have many happy hours playing the new banjo, I am very happy for you . I might add we expect to hear a tune or three using the new Huber.

I’ve been “mulling” over an upgrade. I have a Morgan Monroe NK100 that I like but know I’ll be looking. I’m torn between the Huber Workhorse, the Sullivan Roasted Maple Festival and (it’s my name duh) a Hatfield Buck Creek. The Huber Workhorse sounds pretty good online.



I can attest to the high quality in workmanship on the Workhorse… top notch rig for sure. Keep in mind, I went ahead and ordered mine from Huber with the Truetone rim & ring in it so I can’t speak first hand on the Huber 844 ring which comes stock in the Workhorse. All that said, I know Steve has received high praise for his rings previous to the HR-30 which he uses in the Truetone banjos. As I stated in my original post, I would not hesitate to go this route all over again even if money were no object. Good luck with your decision and please let us know what you choose!