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My Jesus I Love Thee

Howy Folks:

Here’s my flatpicking version of “My Jesus I Love Thee”…I also play a Travis picking version. Maybe I will record it sometime.


That was real nice JB. Especially liked the cross picking as that’s something I’ve always struggled with.


I use the down down up method same as George Schuffler…you can see him explaining his method on You Tube…I have a problem with the down up down method of crosspicking… I purchased the Christmas Crosspicking song book from Dix Bruce. He also has a Gospel Crosspicking song book. You can get some free samples of the sheet music and mp3 at his website at Good luck at crosspicking… put it in your practice routine and you will no doubt will solve any problems you may be having with it. JB

Hmmm… think I’ll check out that down down up method.

Bulldog: Check out Ben’s Wildwood flower for mando vid as I think you’ll like it. I am not up to speed on it, but I got far enough to see down down up would be a nice thing to add to the quiver.