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My chest gets in the way (question for ladies)

Sorry if this is a bit indelicate… I am in my first days learning mando. I have a strap that holds it so it covers my right mid-torso but the problem is that the top leans on my right boob, so the instrument wants to lie facing a bit downward. Any ladies have advice on this other than getting a beer belly so big it is level with my chest?

Full disclosure: I am not a female. Thankfully, my wife is. When she started playing, I think I went slightly longer with the strap for that reason. I’ll double check when she is here, but I think the top of the mando body is more between as opposed to sitting on the right. If lengthening the strap and angling more across don’t do the trick, you may consider a tone-guard. It would be less invasive than a newly acquired beer belly. Their primary purpose is not to avoid lady parts, but by moving the body of the mando away, it may help in that regard. I don’t own a tone-guard, but I have seen quite a few of them in use at jams.

Wife just got home and modeled for me. No problemos. In short, I’d try lengthening the strap to lower the mando.

Thank you!

Leave it to Mike to handle that delicate question with the utmost class. You sir are a gentleman. :wink:

You might visit youtube and search for ‘Sharon Gilchrist’ to see how she does it.

Here’s one, but there are plenty more where that came from:

She seems to point the mandolin away from her body.

p.s. - Mike is not a woman? How do you explain that pink Hello Kitty guitar then?

— Begin quote from "Jim_G"

p.s. - Mike is not a woman? How do you explain that pink Hello Kitty guitar then?

— End quote

It is true that I have been mistaken for a woman. It’s a long (and to me, humorous) story.

Nice video from Sharon Gilchrist. I had it running 4 or 5 times through this morning. I love the fiddle break.