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My arrangement of "Razmataz polka

[attachment=0]razzmataz polkaABC.mp3[/attachment] about 20 years ago I made some recordings and ran across this one I did and did not copy the tune as Owens played it and I made my own arrangement, thought maybe someone might enjoy it . thru a four track and did both partts

Nice! Were you playing with a band at that point?

We just got together and made music and sure we dreamed but hey what do you expect out of a bunch of fifty year old kids LOL , seemed like everything was good back then the music sounded great and we tried to make it that way . we would discuss it play it practice it and live it . we counted beats we made it work . we did some Motown which was not my favorite but the other two liked it . I finished high school while at work I also ran a TV repair business out of my garage I built. I spent 1200 hours in school for electronics and have about forgot it all . I feel lucky to make it from one day to the next. Actually blue grass was my first love but got side tracked . I am back to the roots now . I am old and my ability has drained down but I still try. love all the good sounds coming from this Martin and won’t hardly play anything but that . I now have an infection that would take down a giant, don’t have any idea where it came from other then the hospital but hey life comes with risks . About six more days on antibiotics and we will see if it goes away . Between us three what one lacked the others would provide in the way of theory and timing and so on . The old recordings are done by my self using a four track and the fender I still have . I did use a Korg PSS 60 look it up, a band in a box for sure . The number one song that got my attention was " Wild wood flower and Did a mean version of it . using two octaves and double stops but never recorded it .My favorite venue is two guitars and well fixed to each other, nothing sounds better to me . Ben has opened up a whole new way for me . :nerd:

I always enjoy your recordings Welder and that one sounds really good to me.

I still like the old analog way of recording. I have trouble grasping all the new computer, digital technology. As soon as you finally figure it out, they make updates. Then it’s like starting all over again. But, I’ll keep trying. It’s the world we live in and if I want to keep doing things, I’ll try to learn and stay on top of it. It can be frustrating though.

Keep up the good music.