Musical Adventures


Thought this would be a good place to start a thread where we can share any musical adventures we have.

I’ll be spending the next two weekends + volunteeringhere

for the Fourth year now.

I grew up going to this festival with many friends who did also. Oldest continuous music festival of any kind in Michigan. I have an awesome time working my butt off and helping my old friend and ex-bandmate in different groups. When we were younger he would come here and appropriate guitar licks I’d play.

I’ll spend a few days running a Bobcat; moving picnic tables, traffic control pylons, and vendor wagons, filling dips in roads, setting up day parking, and then I’ll switch to tractor each morning for trash pick-up, cruise in a ATV or golf cart giving folks rides between the stage and the campground.

Somewhere I have to fit in a few hours of practice with some folks I will do a show with in about 6 weeks…Thy have me playing fiddle…and it’s a fiddler’s convention…I’ve much work to do.

Then the Sat of the festival I play a show in OH about 2hrs from the festival…two sets and then back up to the festival to hopefully set back for a bit (or take a nap)


Man, that looks like fun! I need to come up there and see y’all sometime.


It’s a great jamming and family oriented festival Ben. I’m sure you’d have a good time.

Maybe you could deal with Wes Pettinger about helping with/ putting on a workshop or two :wink:


Well, got called for a band, did a couple sets on a show a few week ago, then had a “vocal practice” this afternoon…I’m playing Bass & singing Baritone for this unit. Been quite a few years since I’ve enjoyed doing group vocals as much a I did today.

Also started getting together here and there wit two other musicians…one plays clawhammer banjo (he can also pick Scruggs style some) and does folk & bluegrass…the other is a very good young mando & guitar picker/teacher who does dawg, bluegrass, folk, and other stuff. Have loose future plans of getting the 3 of us together at some point.

Been having a ball picking with others again lately.after several years of basically playing alone.


Hey Ben, If you do decide to head up to Michigan to meet with Dave, how about organising and recording a slow jam session that you could post on the website for oversea and home grown students who for what ever reason cant make it share in your experience.


Hi Dave,

I would really like to be there and see Volume Five.

Do you yet know which day they will be performing?

I am thinking to ask some friends to go too.

I also think it is GREAT - no charge for kids younger yhan 16!

A great way to get young people exposed to some awesome music!


I hope you do head up to the “Enchanted Mitten”! It would be an honor to meet you sir!


Hey there Will,

The schedule isn’t finished yet, but i’ll try to remember to post it here when it gets published.