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Multi-Colored Strings

Flatpicking Guitar magazine reviewed these neon colored strings from DR this month.

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Seems like a really cool idea for teaching purposes. No more saying, “Pick the G string” or “Pick the third string from the bottom”. “Pick the orange string” seems much easier, especially for kids. It’s such a simple idea, I’m surprised someone hadn’t already thought of it.

I’m tempted to try a set just to see what kind of comments I might get at my jam.

I suppose you could consider them “coated strings”. :laughing: Looks like they might be easy to see in the dark too!

They look interesting and would be good for teaching purposes, thanks for the post.


I want to get a set and take my guitar to the bowling alley when they have all the black lights going.

They would probably look great on your Hello Kitty.

Yessir! :laughing:

They shoulda made them the same colors as the strings on that guitar hero game: green, red, yellow, blue, orange…

Looks to me like a gimmick to dumb down (retard) learning.

It is harder to re-learn something that is first learned wrong than to learn it right the first time.

So, if doing a double-stop of red and blue strings it is a purple note? Learning how to communicate with others, and understanding the relationships of notes is integral in playing in my opinion.

Though I’ll admit to playing a blue note from time to time, and one of my all time heroes; Roy husky Jr. thought of musical moods as colors, I think I’m totally against this type of short-cut, short sighted, gimmick teaching.

Interesting viewpoint, fiddlewood. I didn’t really consider the strings a gimmick but more a learning tool, not too dissimilar from Ben’s McPherson having the fret numbers inlaid in the fret board. I guess if reliance on string color became too great it could be a hindrance, though. A person might get some weird looks if they asked someone to play the purple sound. :smiley:

I spoke with a guy at Guitar center and he said he would not recommend the strings as they are a novelty item and the coating comes off to soon so I avoided it for that reason . when I have some money to waste (that would be rare) I might try a set . Loving the Martin long life strings though they are top notch. I could not believe how the bass sounds wow ! light gauge at that .