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Mp3 upload limit

There have been some mp3s uploaded by others that are greater than 1Mb. When I try to do it on a PC using either IE or Chrome, I get a message that “The file is too big, maximum allowed size is 1 MiB.” Is that a setting that varies by user?
Anyone else run into this?


Sorry I just now saw this. Haven’t been on the boards much. with work and the family and all. Let me see what I can come up with.

Hi Brad!
We’ve missed hearing from you. I hope all is well.

thanks for asking Mike!

doing ok, my right hand, specifically my thumb and index, which has pretty much ended my short lived banjo career is unfortunately starting to plague me a bit on guitar as well but trying to work through it best I can. I read another post on here about good and bad picking days and some of the responses and that gave me home as I thought I was the only one that had days where my hands wouldn’t work right LOL

I am a computer engineer by trade and I think all the time my hands use the mouse and keyboard throughout the day sometimes makes if rough on them when I try to make them play guitar too but I guess I just need to slow down, relax and let my progress and setbacks come as they come. Would be nice if I could quit the computer job and pick full time but I don’t think my wife and kids would like the lack of food and shelter much :laughing:

BTW, on your file upload issue, I see the problem and I have an email in to Ben to get his feedback as it requires some adjustments to storage space and limits and I am not sure what the web guys are giving him and I don’t want to up it and get him into any extra money with them or anything. Once I get direction from him I will see what I can do to fix ya up!

Sorry to hear about the thumb and finger issues. I am a computer guy too, and it does take a toll on the hands and wrists. I started using wrist pads for key and mouse and it helped a great deal.

How do you like that blue chip? I like mine. It’s my “normal” pick now. I think it has helped me out a bit (probably by getting me to relax more), and the cool thing is, it seems to transfer to other picks… who would have guessed that?

On the file upload issue, no big deal if it presents a problem. Perhaps it’s a sign I shouldn’t be putting my playing out there for others to hear :slight_smile:

Like the bluechip pick quite a bit. I got a STP50 to try out for awhile along with the original TP50-1R since I have smaller hands but the STP50 seems to be just a bit too small, had an aweful time holding on to the thing and the more I tinkered with the ultex 1.14 that you sent me the more I was leaning back to being a tear drop guy, so I sent the STP50 back to them and got a TD50 to replace it, got that one last night and liked it much better immediately. Didn’t get to play a ton with it last night though but hoping to give it a good try tonight at the jam. I like the TP50-1R too but sometimes it seems just a bit too wide and just can’t get into the feel as well as I can with the tear drop picks.

Probably the two biggest things I like about the bluechips over all others though is the way it glides through the strings and the crisp tone that it seems to pull out of the guitar. The thicker wegens and ultex picks seem to get a bit dark to me due to the thickness but the bluechip, even in the 50 thickness, seems like it has a really good balance across all the strings and brings out the best in my guitar.

Probably the one thing I don’t care for is the fact that I feel like I have to wash em alot as I guess I have oily hands and they get slick on me pretty quick, but a quick wash of the hands and pick with soap and water and we are good to go again :smiley:

The .WAV limit is the same too. couldn’t upload what I recorded. Wondering how others got around this with whole videos, when I just recorded a bit of banjo. I tried compressing (.zip) and it was still too big.

Alright guys. Got the go ahead from Ben and I have upped the file size limits to 5MB for all file attachments across the board.


As far as the whole video thing, I think what you are actually seeing is that people are actually linking to the video that they have uploaded to their youtube account. For example, that is what I did in my wildwood flower post. I uploaded the video to my youtube account and then added a video link in the post such that the placeholder for the video is there in the post but the actual file resides on google’s youtube servers and not Ben’s hosting company.

I would think you could take the same approach to most any file type by using a dropbox account to store your data and have a public section in dropbox to share the files out with. I just got a drop box account for some other stuff awhile back so haven’t tinkered with it for this much but it seems plausible.

that’s if the file you need to share is greater than 5mb now, if not then Ben’s forums should accept the file now. If not lemme know and I will tinker some more.

Thanks Brad, Appreciate your time & effort.

I used another site to hold my sound files this time and just linked to them.

I’ll try putting something up when I record next again though.

Thanks again.

Thanks Brad!
I think I’ll get a dropbox account. It seems like it would come in handy.
I tested an MP3 upload. It seems to work