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MP3 Question?

Is there a link for MP3 files that will take you there without wading through every Lesson Plan …???

Are you talking about an .mp3 index?

I was wondering if there was a link directly to the directory of all the MP3s??

Like this link goes to Banjo tuners on the StewMac Website … Knobs.html

Just thinking that It would save a lot of hassle downloading onesies twosies … probably not available because of security reasons !


I think the answer is no, and that is intentional. There really are very few MP3’s on this site to begin with, I can’t tell if you realize MP3 is audio-only. I’m not sure what Ben uses for video, Mike might know the answer to that, but you’re probably not going to be able to download and store those either. Again, intentional.

I figured it wouldnt hurt to ask … After being a big whinny baby I am finally figuring out the way BB does things … Could be me … NAW …

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Actual MP3 question?

I just started to play with Audiocity and I was wondering if you could stack the mps’s??

Guitar Mando and Banjo ??

Grandpa Corn

“Cornier than Kellogs Corn Flakes”

If they are the same tempo you should be able to do so. I don’t use Audacity, but every similar app I have used allows you to zoom into the wave which should allow fairly precise alignment. If that doesn’t work, you might have better luck by eyeballing it and nudging the tracks forward or back by ear.

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