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Mountain Banjo Style

Since taking up the banjo I have come across lots of conversations where Mountain Banjo Style is briefly mentioned. What exactly is Mountain Banjo Style ? Is it a Frailing Clawhammer Old Timey strum or a Pickin Style Two - Tree Finger. - Can someone please point me towards some lessons on this style of playing. I have tried searching but all I seem to come up with is Blue Ridge Mountain Home or How Mountain Girls Can Love.


You’re right, there’s not much info out there on the subject. A bit of research led me to this.

Apparently, a “mountain banjo” is a fret-less banjo.
Adjust your playing style accordingly.


As you know, I’m not a banjo picker…
(Haha that’s my truth in advertising disclaimer!:grimacing:)

I always thought it was the style being mainly claw, old songs, & in alternate tunings, like sawmill (g modal) & c tuning type of thing.

I do alot of reading…
I came across this a while back looking for something for Banjoson. Theres alot of info in this sample snippet of the book ‘southern mountain banjo by Wayne Erbson’. Maybe it’s the type of info that you were looking for? If not, now I’m curious as well :grin:!
Hopefully this is the link below to that book sample, you’ll need to scroll both up & down:


I always thought it referred to alternative tunings. There is a lesson for that. Someday I’ll get to it.