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Morgan monroe mms-8 w/c

Just bought a morgan monroe mms 8 w/c and I’m hoping it was a worthy upgrade. I’ve been pickin on a “the loar” 220 for a while and just wanted an F style that played decent.any positive word or advice would be much appreciated! Thanks


Congrats, definitely an upgrade. Make sure you get it set up, if you haven’t yet, that will make a big difference.

Well recieved the morgan monroe and as i expected, it had a couple high frets and the nut was way high. After adjusting the neck, leveling and dressing the frets, and filing the nut down to a reasonable height…i was surprised! The sound is much better than the “the loar” 220…finish is nice and the cast tailpiece is sweet! So easy to string! Thats a plus since i will have to put on new strings after i finish tweaking everything…don’t let anyone tell ya that morgan monroe doesn’t make a decent mandolin. The mms-8 is my new favorite since everything needs a good setup nowadays anyway…