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More gospel?

I think the best stuff you do are the gospel songs. Any chance we could make some requests for more of the old gospel standards?

Love you man!

I dig the gospel stuff too! There’s a wealth of possibilities there.

Your post made me think of something. I play some for my church. Most of what we do is praise related. While it’s not my favorite genre, some of the songs are pretty good. I usually end up with chord charts for the various songs we do. Often I’ll figure out an arrangement that works for a minimalist band (it would work for just solo acoustic and singer). If anyone would be interested in them (or is looking for something in particular) send me a PM.

Hi Mike,

What a blast!!!

Thank you for facilitating the recording process. 

I’m interested, but need info on how to interface.
Do you have a link to a tutorial?
I’d very much like to get up to speed.

All the best,


Here is the one clip I have on Youtube.

Have a great day,


Howdy Harvey,
I think you might have jumped topics when you replied. There’s a couple threads on recording and the collaborative process out there. Is this the kind of thing you are looking for?

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the help… I might be a bit past that…

I’d love to join in on your group projects.

Am wondering if you require a dry track… just my guitar for instance… that you would mix with other tracks.
Seems like it would get muddy if everyone recorded with the reference track in the mix.

That being said… it seems like a possibility is to record mono… with reference track… left and talent track right … for instance…

Another option I've heard of is a count off... so everyone begins at the same point. .. 

I’m trying to imagine how you are able to line up tracks and come up with the mix… blend… matching tone…

Thanks for the help,


Absolutely, the individual tracks are recorded separately. Otherwise it would be unmanageable. You generally have to wear headphones to hear the mix or click track. We use a reference tone at the start of each track for aligning the tracks. Tracks are posted to place we can all access and then they are mixed at one location. There is a thread on the process somewhere on here. You might also want to take a look at Kompoz. They have a good video tutorial on the use of a reference tone for indexing.

Thank you…