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Minor issues

Ben the new website is looking great.

There are a couple of issues I have noticed. They are very minor, but I thought I would pass them along nonetheless.

  1. I would think the “Become a gold pick member” in the upper right (div id=“members_box”) should be conditional based on the user’s status. If not logged in, or less than a gold pick member, then show it as it is. If one is logged in as a gold pick or better, perhaps change the text to “[insert username], you are a totally awesome person!” Ok, perhaps not that exact language, but I think a typical thing would be something like"Welcome, [insert username]"

2)At the bottom of the pages, there is the text, “Alright…it’s up and running! Go check out the BRAND NEW website at! Be sure and watch the homepage vid :slight_smile:” The internal address "!" might confuse some people and I would suggest updating it with the “

  1. As a future request, at some point I think a searchable alphabetical list of tabs/tefs/vids would be handy. You are starting to get a sizable amount of content. I LOVE the beginner/intermediate/advanced groupings, and I LOVE the tabs associated with the vid’s viewing page. But if one is looking for a particular thing and they don’t know where it is classified, it could take a bit of searching. A separate page(s) listing all the various content would allow for easier navigation in those instances. Again, that’s a want for the future, not a need for now, but I figured I’d throw it out there.

Thanks for making a nice new home… I can’t wait to try the picking parlor. I’ll have to bring myself up to 1990’s technology and get a web cam.

I second the idea of an alphabetical listing. That would be quite useful.

Mike, I second your remark about this being a nice new home. Not only do we have Ben but we’re getting the greatest group of members and it really does feel like home here. Glad to be part of it.

Thanks Ben,
Those are all minor issues, I was just trying to help point them out. I can’t help with twitter either, I’ve never joined. Thanks for the searching tip. That sounds like it would work fine. You are doing a fine job. Most site launches have many more major issues than what I am seeing. So far, it’s been pretty darn smooth.

I wholeheartedly agree. No major problems that I’ve encountered. I’ve been all over the site searching for problems but everything has worked for me. The time it took to get it up and running was worth the wait. Thanks Ben for a job well done.

Ben you’re turning into a webmaster!
Hope you are still finding time to spend on your music!


Really love the new site :smiley: . One thing that would be helpful is if we could stretch the video window. For me (on a Mac) I seem to only be able to see it in a small window, or go full page. I like watching and having the pdf on the screen at the same time which is tough to do.

Another thing… when you do the backup track videos (which rock), it would be great if you could put the tab up on the bottom of the screen in real time (as you do in the teaching part of the video). Not sure if it’s too much work, but sure would be swell.


Hey Mike, I don’t have a Mac but on a PC, if you hold down the control button and scroll up with the mouse wheel you can make any screen bigger or smaller. That also makes the video larger. Is it the same with a Mac? Or is there something similar you can do?

I am having trouble downloading the ted tabs. I am using mac os x ver 10.7.4. the download button just opens a web browser window full of numbers, symbols, etc… is there a fix for this?

Have you tried to save it to your computer and then opening it?

A new minor request for the forums: Would it be possible to add .TEF and .PDF (and possibly .mp3) to the acceptable files for upload? It’s not anything critical, but I figure it would be an easy change.

Thanks Ben. It looks like I can get the pdf directly.

Like this?

Cool! The tef files appear to load for me, too.