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Other than jumping right into it and hoping to figure it out on my own, is there a good instructional video that will actually show how to use a metronome with a banjo? You Tube has a couple of videos but I am looking for something simple; For example, “here is the metronome, here is the music.” “Set the metronome at this speed, and play your piece. While playing notice the clicks and where the note should be picked.” Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Don’t think there is one on this website (yet…) Idea Ben?

When using a metronome (for banjo or any instrument) there are several exercises you can do:

  • set the metronome at one click per beat to get used to it
  • if that goes well, set it at one click per 2 beats, on the 1st and 3rd beat (of course, this is when it is 4/4)
  • if that goes well: set it at one click per measure (can do that for both 3/4 and 4/4)

Also, put it on one click per 2 beats, but play with the click on the 2nd and 4th beat ; too easy? try playing with the click on the half beat…! (probably wanna start with one click per beat again when doing this)

To get ‘swing’ I just try to play around the click, but I do that ‘as I feel it’ so cannot really give advice on that. Moreover, I find this easier to practice when playing together with a guitarist or play along track, because the interaction with human activity is slightly better than with a clicking device :sunglasses: . But maybe someone else has input for that?

I use the TEF program to help me with the timing. I guess that is a good substitute for a metronome? Any opinions? Thank you…

Tabledit has a clicker and works fine. If you want something simpler, one that just clicks, there are phone apps and metronomes online you can use such as this one: