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Merry Christmas

[size=150] I want to wish everyone here a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year . The year was a good one for me and look forward to better things in 2016 [/size]

Agreed and dittos!

Merry Christmas to you too Welder and all my other forum friends! Will be a good one for me seeing as I start a ten day vacation from work the 22nd and don’t have to be at the paper mill through the holidays for a change. I also bought myself a Collings last week for an early Christmas present and look forward to playing it till my fingers bleed. :smiley:

This is really a great forum. There’s no friction, everyone gets along and I feel privileged to be a Gold Pick member. I’ve learned a lot here in 2015!

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I also bought myself a Collings last week for an early Christmas present and look forward to playing it till my fingers bleed.

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That’s it? :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: ,

C’mon Bulldog, we need more info on the Collings… and pictures… and a sound sample! Well at least a good description.

Oh, and Merry Christmas to you all too and God Bless us all.

Congrats on the Collings and the time off to get well acquainted.

Ha!..thanks J.W. I’d been patiently waiting and watching for one with a 1 11/16" standard neck every since last year when I parted ways with the one I had with the fat neck. Bought this one from Jon Garon at My Favorite Guitars. It’s a 2009 D2HA and looks as if it’s never been played. It sounds incredible as I’m sure you know. I pondered the thought of buying your beautiful German topped box but really wanted the Adi and narrow nut. Anyhow here’s a few pics…

My apologies for straying from the thread topic!

That looks really nice! … but why does it have an extra string?

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Good one!

Awesome! ! ! !

Merry Christmas!!!

Great looking guitar!!!

Thanks for the pics Bulldog. Beautiful guitar. The Adi has some nice grain to it. I’d love to get together and compare ours back to back sometime in a home setting rather than a music store, not to see if one’s better than the other, but to simply hear the differences.

You can’t go wrong with Jon and Sharon (I think I have her name right). Some of the most honest people I’ve seen in the high end guitar business and will go out of their way to help you. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one for a long time. Just one question… How does it compare soundwise to your last Collings?

You’re right J.W. the Garons are great folks and run a first rate business. I had a good phone conversation with Jon before I bought the Collings and was already aware of their good reputation from other forums. This guitar sounds almost exactly as the other, maybe just a little tighter. I don’t think it’s been played as much. Same guitars the only difference being the 1 3/4 Vintage Now neck on the last one. Ironically it was also a 2009 model.

If it weren’t for the many miles between Arkansas and Ohio I’d love to get together to pick and compare instruments. I’m with you about judging guitars. I have three Martins and a couple of other boutique guitars and would never say one was “better” than the other, just different. I like 'em all! By the way did you decide to keep yours?

Merry Christmas to everyone! I also appreciate this site and all I can say is GOOD PEOPLE helps make this site what it is!
What a terrific place to listen and learn.