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Melodic Patterns tef

For all you guys who like playing scales, I’m posting two big tef files of melodic patterns (folded scales). Seems there are lots of examples of these scales in a closed/movable position, but not so much for open position scales. For my style of playing the open position scales are more relevant, so I tabbed out a number of them in 7 different keys.

Melodic Patterns Part 1.tef (37.2 KB)
Melodic Patterns Part 2.tef (16.3 KB)

Wow Larry, you’ve been busy! Those are nice. I bet you now know your fretboard in the first position without a moment’s pause.
Thanks for posting them!

Yep, it took a while to tab out all those scales, but I did it over a period of months. I’d tab out a few patterns, work on playing them, then tab a few more.

It’ll take me a long time to master all those scales. I usually pick one pattern and just play it for a few minutes as a warm up to a practice session.

In the first set they were all somewhat familiar except for B. I’ve never worked on B before, so that will be good for me. I’ve not done most of those patterns either, so that could keep me busy for a very long time.
Thanks again!

Thanks Larry.

I could work on theses for the next year or so!