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Meeting Members of the forum

I finally met one of the members, him and his wife were kind enough to visit . I enjoyed the visit very much . we had some talk and a few playing tunes but I really liked listening to him play. I was not in the best of shape but managed to play some . it was a very pleasant visit and I thank His wife and him for coming . I met J.W. Propane as he is known on the forum . I look forward to seeing them again soon .

Aw no fair Ken! I would have liked to been there to meet you and J.W. Glad you guys got to hook up. I think there’s quiet a few members up there in Ohio. Guess I’ll just have to remain a lonely outcast down here in Arkansas. :laughing:

Thanks for letting my wife and I barge in on you Ken! (I didn’t give him much notice ahead of time that we were coming to visit). We had a great time. With all the back and forth posts on the forum, it’s like we already new each other which made for an easy, comfortable visit. It was good to meet you and your wife and grand-daughter. Thanks again!

Only 1223 more members to meet now plus Ben himself! :smiley:

JW maybe next time I might be in better shape as you know I am asking the Lord heal my entire body , He is working on it already . I use scripture and one has to truly believe and it will work. I feel better after just three days . I could tell you some things but I will wait for awhile. The Lord is good .

That’s great! Glad you all got to visit.